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Speech Writing and Presentation Training

Speech Writing

I have been providing speech writing services to clients for over 20 years – clients from the public, the private, and the non-profit sectors.  I like to say “my” speeches have been delivered in venues all over the world. But of course, they are not “my” speeches, but “your” speeches.  After all, no matter how much I help with the crafting of the words, they belong to those of you finding yourselves standing at the podium.  You own the words that come out of your mouth.  My job is to help you with writing and delivering the best words possible.

In helping you develop your keynote, I can take you from beginning to end.  From first discussion about messaging to final rehearsal.  I can even provide Power Point slides should you require them.


Evaluating Your Keynote

So you have written your first draft.  You think it might be fine.  But you need a fresh set of eyes and a sober second thought.  I have written and edited hundreds of speeches over the past two decades and have become quite experienced at determining what works, and what doesn’t.  I can evaluate your keynote and advise on revisions you might want to consider.


Presentation Training for Mid-level Managers and Senior Executives

From time to time most mid-level managers and senior executives are called upon to give presentations to their internal staff, or at external venues.  They know their “stuff” really well.  So content is not an issue nearly as much as the skill set needed to deliver that content in an engaging manner.  I offer all-day presentation training workshops to help managers become better presenters of the material they know so well.


Speech Writing Training For Your Communications Staff

Do your communications personnel need speech writing training.  You might have them take my 6 week (go at your own pace) online speech writing course.  All the details can be found here.  Alternatively, I  offer half-day and full day in site speech writing classes.


Want to talk more?

I am only a phone call away. Just call me at 604-599-9226. Or send me a query via my contact form here.


A few words from satisfied clients

“Every time I work with Colin on developing a speech I am always amazed at how great he is at listening ‘between the lines’ for what it is I am really trying to communicate. He is superb at taking my conceptual thoughts and turning them into a great first draft of a memorable speech. But that’s just the start of the collaboration; Colin stays closely involved in the subsequent – and, typically in my case, many! – drafts until I am completely satisfied. What you get from working with Colin is the great feeling that comes from stepping up to the podium knowing that you are about to give an impactful speech! Mr. Bjorn Moller, Former President and CEO, Teekay Corporation, Vancouver, BC

“Mr. Moorhouse has been preparing speeches for me for at least the past 6 years.  I can always count on him to research the topic thoroughly, to ensure we both know as much as we can about the context and the audience, to make sure all deadlines are met, and most importantly to constantly ensure that the direction in which the speech is going is where I want it to be.   It is always an interactive process with Colin, and the end result has without question consistently been a powerful speech for which I invariably receive many compliments.” Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright, Executive Secretary, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, Paris, France

“I needed to write a speech, so being a geek I Goggled “how to write a speech”.  Colin’s willingness to share his knowledge, freely and openly, on his website told me two things.  One: Colin really knows how to write a speech and Two: I really don’t have a clue how to write a speech.  Working with Colin was a pleasure.  He’s curious, intelligent and a quick learn.  My speech was impressive; his turnaround time and cost were reasonable.  I confidently endorse Colin’s work.”  Lisa Groeneveld, COO, Logic Supply, South Burlington, Vermont