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Classroom Training for Corporate Communicators

Want you staff to do a better job at writing speeches for your senior executives?  This course may be just the ticket for your communications staff.

Course Content.

Although each workshop is tailored to the particular needs of the specific client, one-day course content generally includes the following:

  • The six key elements of an engaging speech.

Through demonstration videos and samples from his own speeches, the moderator will cover the following issues as they relate to:

    1. The nature of the speaking event
    2. Oratory
    3. Story
    4. Language
    5. Humour
    6. Interest


  • 10 Critical Considerations
  1. Delivery issues.
  2. Writing for the ear.
  3. Openings – the first three make-or-break minutes.
  4. Write & rewrite – from puke draft to final draft.
  5. Outlines – vital or an invitation to disaster?
  6. Research – how much is enough?
  7. Messaging – the most critical element of a successful speech.
  8. Finding your client’s voice.
  9. Meeting the speaker – when it is a good idea – when it’s a bad idea – and when it’s just not going to happen!
  10. Getting letters of invitation and agendas.
  • Dealing with short deadlines
  • Audience Issues
  1. Internal and External
  2. Conflicting expectations

Participant Exercise

There is minimally one in-class exercise – usually involving the writing of an engaging opening to a speech.

  • Post-Course Deliverables.
  1. A substantial PDF reference handout upon course completion.
  2. Post-workshop phone access to me for those participants who may want to consult on a particular problem they are having with a speech project.
  3. No-fee access to my online speech writing course, speech writing webinars, and newslette


The Course Moderator

Colin Moorhouse has been a freelance speechwriter for senior public, private and NGO sector executives for over two decades.  Over that period he has written speeches for delivery by federal Cabinet Ministers, Senators, Deputy Ministers, ADMs and other senior members of the Public Service. These speeches were usually for delivery at international, national and regional conferences, or for internal events. In addition, he has written a significant number of speeches for delivery in Parliament – both the House and the Senate – related to the passage of Bills – as well providing speaking notes required for other parliamentary procedures.

He has also written numerous speeches for provincial CEOs, Chairs, and senior executives of British Columbia crown corporations.

He has delivered his speechwriting workshops to such clients as Veterans Affairs Canada, Industry Canada, BC Housing, the Doctors of BC, and the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

On the private and NGO sector side, high profile and long-term clients have included UNESCO (based in Paris), the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions based in The Hague, and Teekay Shipping.

In terms of speech writing training, he has been teaching a two-day workshop at Simon Fraser University for 15+ years, and has given speech writing workshops to Industry Canada, Veterans Affairs Canada, Service Canada, the BC Medical Association, Simon Fraser University, the International Association of Business Communicators, the Professional Writers Association of Canada, and Toastmasters.  On numerous occasions he has been a featured speaker at the annual Speechwriter’s Conference held annually in Washington DC.  His speech writing website can be found at www.weneedaspeech.com.

Prior to his freelance work he was a Regional Director of Communications for Veterans Affairs Canada (Pacific Region).