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The Perilous Life Cycle of the Freelance Speechwriter

If the stock market is crashing and you have no idea of what the American election will do to your bank balance you best give it a little thought. A national election can have unsettling affects on your personal economy, and you just may have to kiss your heretofore established contacts and contracts good bye. Yikes!What we should all be asking ourselves – on a regular basis I might add – is this. How do we avoid becoming road kill …

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The Good News About Freelancing

On a fairly regular basis I receive emails from freelance writers that are essentially disheartened and disheartening pleas for advice on how to fix their sagging freelance careers.They invariably come from bright, competent people. Since they have been successful in the past, they have been down the marketing road before and know the rules. Yet somehow, as their businesses to through a bit of a down period, they begin to feel “the fear”. So much so, they even consider going …

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On Becoming A Freelance Speechwriter: A Few Hints.

Aside from “how much do you make?” and “how do you find your speaker’s voice?” the question I get most often is “what does it take to become a freelance speechwriter?”

Two starting points to consider

On Craft
When it comes to learning the craft of speech writing the standard advice is to read a lot of speeches. I couldn’t disagree more. You must listen to speeches. Listen to great speeches. You could start by googling famous names in recent …

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Beware The Short Speech Assignment

When a prospective client calls and opens with “we only need a five minute speech”, often the implication behind the “only” is that that I could just bang it off in not much more time than that. And that my invoice would be commensurately small. Luckily most discerning clients (and to my clients who read this newsletter, you are all discerning!) understand the very tricky matters of short speeches.

I define “short” somewhere in the range of three to five …

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