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The Four Deal Breakers

There are four reasons I might turn down a speech. And only one is truly problematic.

So here goes.

Money. Write for people who have money. Seems obvious I know. But Ph.D Candidates rarely have any so you don’t want to be helping out on their oral dissertations. Wedding/reception speeches often fall under the same category. The give-away is when the prospective client says “you want how much for a five minute speech?” Not that you can’t get well paid …

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In Praise of Boring Bloated Non-Committal (BBNC) Speeches

Well not in praise of exactly….

I wish I could tell you that every speech I have written was incisive, insightful, funny, memorable, quotable and all-in-all had the audience crying out to my client “don’t stop now….please do go on for another 10 minutes”. Well every once and a while I get to tuck one of those under my belt and say to myself “well done, mate.”

But the truth is I write a lot of BBNC speeches. Not on …

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Do You Confess?

When I was at the Speechwriter’s Conference in Washington DC some years ago I was struck by how many speechwriters were able to proclaim loudly and proudly that they were “so-and-so’s” speechwriter. Well not quite so ostentatiously as that perhaps. That might not have been their title on the org chart. But if they were called something else – it was clear that was their function.Some of the University types had to concede that the speechwriting job was cloaked under …

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Pushing Back

As hired pens speech writers are always faced with the dilemma of how hard to push back when we think a client is being unreasonable. I am talking about the CEOs who have given no thought at all to what they want talk about at the one and only meeting you are going to have with them. Or the ones who won’t read their drafts out loud at least once before they face their audience. Or those who want to …

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