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Short Study Guide

If you’ve ever listened to a great speech and wondered what makes is so special (or, vice versa, winced as someone bumble through a less-than-stellar presentation), you need this short guide to effective speech writing.

Building on my two decades as a speechwriter, I’ve distilled the key points on how to write a compelling speech. Whether you’re new to the speech writing fold or you’re a pro, this guide will show you the six key elements of an engaging speech:

  • Why and how you must “write for the ear”
  • How much research is enough• If an outline is vital – or an invitation to disaster
  • What “messaging” is —and why you must have it
  • How to find your client’s voice• Tips for creating openings, those first three make-or-break minutes
  • Effective ways to write and rewrite – from puke draft to final draft
  • Smart strategies for handling speech writing work — from first ideas to final delivery

For $19 US, you receive not only this 50+ page guide (PDF) filled with information and tips, you’ll also have access to:

  • A speech writing checklist: this handy, printable list contains all the things you must remember when preparing a speech;
  • A speech writing Workshop: in this 60-minute video, I share my speech writing knowledge and experience with a class of university students.

Cost: $19 US

You will be sent a download link to the materials within 24 hours of purchase.