The Power of Speech to Change Minds

During the waning hours of debate in the South Carolina legislature to remove the Confederate flag from flying over State House grounds, certain Republican lawmakers threw up a flurry of last-minute amendments to delay passage of the bill.

Then Representative Jenny Horne – a Republican – stood up and put the obstructionists in their place once and for all. And the bill was passed.

The power of speech indeed!



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It’s About The Audience…always

The form and function of any speech you work on should primarily be driven by the texture of the event and the needs of the audience, and not by the political or corporate needs of the speaker to deliver a favourite message.

And, this is almost always a very hard sell to your speaker.

As speechwriters, we always do our clients a good turn if we get them to speak to the needs of the audience rather than their own.…

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Changing The Music

As writers — fiction or otherwise — we tend to fall in love with our words. Then we hate them. And then we love them again. That’s when we want to reach for a pistol or at least a good editor.

For speechwriters, the issue becomes really problematic. Even though we know better we too often fall for our exquisite turns of phrase, for words we know are about to leap off the page – proof positive of our verbal …

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