Writing Across Age, Gender, Race and Culture

As I watched President Obama’s moving eulogy at the funeral of Senator Clementa Pinckney in Charleston in late June – and his equally remarkable speech in Selma some months earlier – I once again began thinking about the challenges of finding the “voice” of our speakers when we don’t share their age, gender, race, or culture.

Can a 25-year-old write for a 60-year-old senior executive? Would a female scientist making a speech on the challenges of women in the sciences …

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Three Potentially Fatal Mistakes Freelance Writers Often Make

Having been in the freelance writing game for over 20 years, I have made just about every business mistake in the book. And those mistakes have cost me clients and money. If you are a one-person company providing writing services to clients – either online or in person – here are three big time mistakes that you want to avoid.

The first is not picking up the damn phone when it rings. I know this goes against the advice of …

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The Power of Speech to Change Minds

During the waning hours of debate in the South Carolina legislature to remove the Confederate flag from flying over State House grounds, certain Republican lawmakers threw up a flurry of last-minute amendments to delay passage of the bill.

Then Representative Jenny Horne – a Republican – stood up and put the obstructionists in their place once and for all. And the bill was passed.

The power of speech indeed!



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It’s About The Audience…always

The form and function of any speech you work on should primarily be driven by the texture of the event and the needs of the audience, and not by the political or corporate needs of the speaker to deliver a favourite message.

And, this is almost always a very hard sell to your speaker.

As speechwriters, we always do our clients a good turn if we get them to speak to the needs of the audience rather than their own.…

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